Marcel Pronovost has always been passionate in history and genealogy. He has spent many years researching church records and notarial deeds in New France to put together the daily life of his ancestor Mathieu Rouillard and his wife Jeanne Guillet.

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Marcel has worked for over 30 years for the Government of Canada in the Communications field. Now retired, he continues to research the lives of colonists in New France. Marcel gives conferences to Historical and Genealogical Societies interested in this period of the history of New France. «Hearth and Home » was first published in French under the titre « Feu et Lieu »

book2Hearth and Home

The novel “Hearth and Home” is based on the true story of the tumultuous life of Mathieu Rouillard, the ancestor of Ovila Pronovost, immortalized in Arlette Cousture’s work “Les Filles de Caleb,” as well as that of his wife Jeanne Guillet.

The whole life of the hero of this story and of his family takes place in the context of the events in New France in the period between 1660 and 1702. Learn More >

book2La veuve Rouillard

(Available in French only) « Jeanne Guillet, la veuve Rouillard » est l’histoire vraie, romancée, de la vie d’une femme de coureur de bois en Nouvelle-France. Il fait suite à « Feu et Lieu », roman relatant la vie tumultueuse de Jeanne Guillet et de Mathieu Rouillard jusqu’à la mort de ce dernier, survenue en 1702 dans les bouches du Mississippi. Femme remarquable et débrouillarde, Jeanne Guillet a élevé seule ses enfants pendant les absences prolongées de son mari, parti en voyage de traite. Learn More >

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